To our valued customers, please beware of several fraudulent offers and misleading scams posing as “Abenson”.  These may come in the form of a text message, email, on-ground visits, or fake accounts claiming to be Abenson on social media or e-commerce platforms.


Types of Scams

1.  E-Commerce Platforms

We currently do not sell on Lazada and Shopee. Abenson is not affiliated with any accounts on any e-commerce platforms. Only shop with the official online site.



✔ How to verify: Shop only through our official website at


2.  House / Office Visits

Beware of people pretending to be an Abenson or Electroworld representative offering products via house-to-house or office visits. 



✔ How to verify: Official Abenson and Electroworld representatives will schedule an appointment with you via company email and phone prior to visits and will be in company uniform and will present a valid company ID.


3.  Fake Facebook and Instagram Shops

Beware of Facebook and Instagram sellers posing as an official store of Abenson.



✔ How to verify: Our official social channels are Facebook: @abensonappliances, Instagram: @abensonph, Twitter: @abensonph, YouTube: Abenson Studio, and Tiktok:


4. Fake Viber Account

Beware of accounts and sellers posing as Abenson using Viber.

✔ How to verify: Shop only via our official Viber Community “Abenson Viber Official” and from our 130 stores nationwide.


5. Unexpected Raffle and Giveaways

Beware of fake raffle and giveaway scams by individuals or accounts posing as abenson/ on SMS and digital platforms. In this scam, you might receive a text message that appears to be from abenson and tells you that you won a prize and includes an unusual link.


✔ How to verify: Any ongoing raffle or giveaway will be posted on our official channels:, Viber: “Abenson Viber Official” Facebook:, and Instagram: @abensonph


6. Delivery Scams

Real-time order updates will be sent to you via SMS and E-Mail. You can check also your order status by typing in your order number at


How to Protect Yourself

Shop from official Abenson channels for safe and secure shopping:

We urge our customers to practice caution and vigilance to always check if the channel they are shopping at is legitimate and trusted.


In addition, authorized Abenson representatives will never ask for your personal details, banking information, or request you to settle payments outside of our official payment methods. As a precaution, do not respond or entertain unsolicited communications from scammers and report them to authorities if needed.

To report a suspected scam, kindly email us at with screenshots and links for us to investigate further.

Happy safe shopping, everyone!