• Opening Specials One Day Offers and freebies are valid on December 15, 2022 and 11 Days Offers are valid on December 15 - 25, 2022 at Abenson GMall Cebu.
  • Avail discounts/ freebies on select participating products in-store via cash and straight card transactions on all major credit cards.
  • Promo is applicable to one redemption per customer per day.
  • Freebies are not convertible to cash or any other items.
  • Freebies will be released along with the main unit upon delivery or pick-up.
  • In cases of cancellation of credit card transaction, the customer should pay premium item price.
  • Abenson Group will provide an alternate freebie if and when the freebies will be out of stock.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions running in store.