Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be delivered?

Express Delivery

We deliver to Metro Manila daily from Monday – Friday except regular holidays. Express delivery is available for orders made before 2:00pm.

Standard Delivery

Metro Manila 1-3 working days
Luzon 3-7 working days
Visayas & Mindanao 7-15 working days

What are the requirements needed to prepare for each transaction?

COD/Credit Card 1 Primary ID
1 Secondary ID
1 Primary ID
1 Secondary ID
1 Primary ID
1 Secondary ID
1 Primary ID
1 Secondary ID

2.1 List of accepted Valid IDs

a. Primary ID - Digitized Government ID (one of the following)
i. SSS/Unified Multi-Purpose ID
iii. Driver’s License
iv. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
v. Passport
b. Secondary ID (atleast two of the ff.)
i. Voter's ID
ii. Postal ID
iii. Tin ID
iv. Company ID
v. Senior Citizen ID
vi. NBI ID
vii. Company ID

Is it possible for me to purchase items and have them delivered in a different address?

Yes, but this kind of transaction will only be applicable for Over–the-counter and Credit Card transactions.

Can I order through phone without going through the website?

No. All transactions should go through online processing. A Shop Online Specialist is available to assist you as you go through the entire transaction.

Can I do bulk orders through online?

Yes. But take note that the original price of the item remains the same regardless of the quantity.

Some transactions with bulk order will go through a series of approvals to confirm that transaction is verified.

Will the items be released even though the recipient is the consignee?

No. If in such case that the consignee will be assigning another person to receive the item, it should be stated on the checkout details of the transaction. Change of name will require a new authorization letter.

Can I use my Plus! Card to earn points from my online transactions?

Yes, all purchases made through online will have corresponding points that will be credited to your account. Similar point system applies.

What is the maximum amount allowed for Cash-On-Delivery transaction?

  • PHP 50,000.00 for Transactions.

Can I still cancel my orders that are already confirmed?

Yes you can. Orders can be cancelled, however, items that are already in transit will incur fees which will be added on the customer’s next purchase. Fees will include Shipper-Client and vice versa.

Am I eligible for a refund?

For outright returned items, customer has to provide an Email Request Letter stating their return details and brief description on why the item(s) was returned. No fees will be credited to you on this return but additional fees will be added on your next transaction.

For items that were received and reported within 7 days,  return, change item or refund will be subject for review and approval based on reported concern of client. See Warranty Page.

Given that, items that are being returned are in good condition, no damages and with complete accessories.

How long is the processing time for credit card refund?

Processing for refund through credit card will be within 15-30 business working days.

How do I get my refund?

For over-the-counter and COD transactions, amount refund will be subject for check releasing.
You can choose on which Abenson branch you wish to claim your check. Your ID upon claiming is a requirement.
You will be advised once check is available for pick-up within 15-30 business working days.

Can I avail of “Abot Kayang Hulugan" through online?

“Abot Kayang Hulugan” is currently not available for online transactions but please contact 02-921-0888 or 02-738-6888 for more details.

What is the difference between Over-the-counter payment and Abot Kayang Hulugan?

Over-the-counter payment is a straight, one-time bank deposit applicable ONLY for online purchases.
Abot-Kayang Hulugan is an installment payment basis made thru bank deposit available for offline (in-store) purchases.

How can I track or cancel my order?

Tracking. Customer must create an account at to be able to track the status of their order.
Cancellation. Customer must send a cancellation email request to A sales representative will then confirm and advise customer once cancellation is done.

How do I proceed if my selected area has no available delivery quotation?

Kindly send an email to us at to report the issue. A sales representative will then get back to you assist you on your purchase.

Can I avail installation services if I purchase online?

Yes you can. Please take note that the schedule for installation will be advised once the order is approved.

What if I have a preferred store to buy my desired item, can you help me check? sales representatives can help you check the stocks of your preferred branch based on our system, however, we cannot guarantee product availability upon customer’s visit in the said store.