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  1. Panasonic CS/CU-XU12XKQ

    1.5HP Inverter, nanoe™ X Technology, iAUTO-X

    ₱47,298 ₱52,498 10%
  2. Panasonic CS/CU-XU9XKQ

    1HP Inverter, nanoe™ X Technology, iAUTO-X

    ₱42,498 ₱47,198 10%
  3. Panasonic CS/CU-PN24XKQ

    2.5HP Non-Inverter, Odor Removing Function

    ₱51,498 ₱57,198 10%
  4. Panasonic CS/CU-PN12XKQ

    1.5HP Non-Inverter, Odor Removing Function

    ₱32,598 ₱36,198 10%
  5. Panasonic CS/CU-PN9XKQ

    1HP Non-Inverter, Odor Removing Function, R32

    ₱27,898 ₱30,998 10%
  6. Fujidenzo WAR-632IGT

    0.6HP Remote, Energy Saving, Dehumidifier, R32

    ₱9,698 ₱9,998 3%
  7. Kolin KAM-150CMC32

    1.5HP Manual, Air Fresh Filter, Compact Size

    ₱16,498 ₱18,798 12%
  8. Kolin KAG-250WCINV

    2.5HP Inverter, Multi-Stage Air Filtration

    ₱42,298 ₱45,798 8%
  9. Kolin KAG-200WCINV

    2HP Inverter, Multi-Stage Air Filtration

    ₱37,998 ₱40,998 7%
  10. Kolin KSG-IWF-25WFY-8K1M32

    2.5HP Inverter, Full DC, Smart Controller

  11. Kolin KSG-IWF-20WFY-8K1M32

    2HP Inverter, Full DC, Smart Controller

  12. Kolin KSG-IWF-10WFY-8K1M32

    1HP Inverter, Full DC, Smart Controller


    55-inch, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV, a7 Gen5 AI

    ₱62,990 ₱69,990 10%

    65-inch, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV, a7 Gen5 AI

    ₱80,990 ₱89,990 10%
  15. Samsung Neo QLED QA55QN85BAGXXP

    55-inch, 4K UHD Quantum Mini LED, Smart TV

    ₱103,949 ₱115,499 10%
  16. Samsung WA19R6380BV/TC

    19kg Top Load, Digital Inverter Motor

    ₱47,795 ₱54,995 13%
  17. Whirlpool FWEB10503BS

    10.5kg Front Load Washer, Inverter Technology

    ₱39,598 ₱43,998 10%
  18. Beko RDNT202I20VS

    7.1 cu.ft, No Frost, Top Mount, ProSmart Inverter

    ₱15,990 ₱18,990 16%
  19. Whirlpool WWEB8503BW

    8kg/5kg Combo Washer & Dryer, Inverter

    ₱42,198 ₱47,998 12%
  20. Samsung Neo QLED 4K QA85QN90BAGXXP

    85-inch, 4K UHD Quantum Mini LED, Smart TV

    ₱331,649 ₱368,499 10%
  21. LG LA100CC

    1HP Remote, Energy Saving Mode, Top Discharge

    ₱20,498 ₱22,898 10%
  22. Fujidenzo WAM 150IG2

    1.5HP Manual, Energy Saving, Quiet Operation

    ₱17,598 ₱18,998 7%
  23. Fujidenzo WAM100IG2

    1HP Manual, Energy Saving, Quiet Operation

    ₱14,798 ₱15,998 8%
  24. Samsung QLED QA75Q60BAGXXP

    75-inch, 4K UHD Quantum, Smart TV, AirSlim

    ₱152,999 ₱169,999 10%