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  1. Sharon Sofa

    3-Seater Sofa, Leatherette, Uratex Seat Foam

  2. Sharon Sofa

    2-Seater Sofa, Leatherette, Uratex Seat Foam

  3. Mavy LCD Rack

    120x40cm, Laminated Board, 2-Drawer and 2-Door

    ₱7,645 ₱8,998 15%
  4. Naomi Corner Sofa

    3-Seater, Corner Sofa, Light Brown, Vintage

    ₱26,398 ₱32,998 20%
  5. ZWILLING Z-CUT 5-in-1 Peeler

    Y-shaped, Interchangeable Blades

  6. Kean Queen Bedframe

    152.40x190.5cm, Wood, Fabric

  7. MegaBox Storage Box 95L

    95 Liters, Storage Box

  8. SALEM Nite & Day Twin Pull out Bed

    10x48x78/7x36x72 inches, Soft Firm, with Abaca Fiber

    ₱14,630 ₱20,898 30%
  9. Vanessa

    3-Seater Sofa Bed, Black City Collection

    ₱15,195 ₱18,998 20%
  10. sleepshop Basic Single Mattress

    3.5x36x75 inches, Medium Firm, Dream Collection
  11. SALEM Nite & Day Single Pull out Bed

    10x36x78/7x36x72 inches, Soft Firm, Knitted Fabric Cover
    ₱13,440 ₱19,198 30%
  12. MegaBox Storage Box 50L

    50 Liters, Storage Box

  13. Uratex Revitasoft Medium Memory Pillow

    28.90x45.72x8.58cm, Visco-elastic Foam, Pressure Relief

  14. Sleep Basic B1T1 Pillow

    71.12x45.72x0cm, Highly Resilient, Microfiber

  15. Uratex Queen Foldable Sofa Bed

    7.5x60 inches

    ₱9,000 ₱9,998 10%
  16. Erika

    2.5 Seater Sofa Bed

    ₱7,000 ₱8,998 22%
  17. Cascade Round Trash Bin

    5 Liters, Trash Can

  18. Noelle Chest Drawer

    78x40x80cm, with 3 Drawers, Large Storage Space
    ₱4,895 ₱6,998 30%
  19. Vera Child Cabinet

    80x30x100cm, Compact, Multi-Purpose Storage
    ₱3,995 ₱4,998 20%
  20. Uratex Radiant Quilted Queen Mattress

    4x60x75 inches, Medium Firm, Jacquard Fabric Cover
    ₱5,540 ₱6,098 9%
  21. Carlos Queen Bedframe

    162x203cm, Grey, Sturdy Slats, Wooden
    ₱9,998 ₱13,998 29%
  22. sleepshop Prestige Queen Mattress

    75x60x9.5 inches, Soft Plush, Dream Collection

    ₱13,850 ₱19,800 30%
  23. Zora Shoe Cabinet

    60x90x33cm, Modern Design, High Storage Capacity
    ₱2,695 ₱2,998 10%
  24. Cali Shoe Cabinet

    60x70x33cm, Modern Design, High Storage Capacity