ref buyers guide

Ref 5 factors buyers guide

  • Refrigerators Types

    Single-Door Refrigerators are the most affordable type, and its compact body makes it great for space saving.

    Two-Door Refrigerators either have freezers located at the top for convenient access to frozen storage, or have freezers at the bottom for easy access to fresh foods. 

    Side-by-Side Refrigerators make good use of space by splitting the ref between fresh food and frozen food compartments. Most side-by-side models allocate a bit more space for the fridge.  Adjustable shelves also provide more storage flexibility. Side-by-side units also require less clearance to open the doors, making it ideal for compact kitchens. 

    French Door Refrigerators combine the designs of a side-by-side unit on top with a drawer-style freezer at the bottom. It also gives you an eye-level access with most foods, crisp drawers and shelves.

    Wine Coolers are designed specifically to keep wines at their optimum temperature that you can enjoy best.

    Freezers are ideally suitable to preserve meat, store ice cream and protect foods from bacteria, and mold.

    Chillers are best for chilling bottled drinks.

  • Size & Capacity

    A simple trick to choosing the right size is allotting at least 2 cu.ft of ref space per adult in your household.

    ref size capacity guide

    Tip: Be sure to check if the unit will fit your space by providing extra 50mm allowance around the unit.

  • Inverter Technology

    Investing in an inverter refrigerator gives you more energy savings, and typically lasts longer compared to regular refrigerators. It also generates less noise compared to conventional refrigerators

  • Fridge Features

    Apart from cooling, determine other convenience features you may need from your refrigerator. Do you need more storage space like glide-out baskets and fully extending drawers? Should the freezer be on the standard top or at the bottom for easy access?

    Shop by Features:
    - Multi Door                    - Door-in-Door           - Water Dispenser             - Long Lasting Freshness - Optimized Storage             - Smart Ref              - Inverter Refrigerator       - Home Bar

  • Fridge Finishes

    You can also complement your kitchen's style by matching appliances with your kitchen interior.
    Shop by color: - Stainless Steel          - White            - Silver              - Glass Door Finish - Black                    - Red              - Pebble Blue

range buyers guide

range buyers guide factors

  • Size

    Size is a key factor to consider for your kitchen centerpiece. Most free-standing ranges come in at 50cm, 60cm and 80cm in size, some of which have built-in storage drawers for pots and pans or an LPG compartment.

  • Fuel Type and Technology

    When it comes to ‘fuelling’ your range, you can take your pick from gas or electric source. The fuel type for ranges varies depending on the cook top and the oven. 

    For cooktop type, it can be all-gas, all-electric, combined gas & electric, vitro-ceramic or induction.

    For oven type, it can be gas, electric, gas convection or electric convection.

     For first-time home or condominium owners, check your area for any restrictions in using gas appliances

  • range buyers guide capacity

  • Design

    Free Standing Ranges now come in various colors like stainless, black and white.  These color options will help you complement the aesthetics of your chosen range with that of your kitchen’s interior design.

  • Oven Capacity

    Capacity will depend on how busy your kitchen will get in terms on how much food needs to be served.

    Make sure that your range oven’s capacity is big enough to accommodate your cooking needs.

    Oven CapacityNumber of People
    2-3 cu.ft 1-2 people
    3-4 cu.ft 3-4 people
    4 cu.ft more than 5 people
  • Range Hood

    Keep in mind that when choosing range hoods, its width should be the same size or greater than the cooking surface. The distance of the range hood from the cook top should generally be at 65- 75cm away. 

washer buyers guide

washers buyers guide factors

  • Capacity

    Your washer’s capacity depends on how many you are in the household. Washers with 6-7kg drum capacities are perfect for 1-2 people. Washers with 8-9kg capacity are good for a family of 3, while washers with 10-13kg capacities are ideal for larger households.

    washer buyers guide capacity
  • Design

    Front-load washers open from the front, while top-load washers let you dunk your laundry from the top. Here's a quick side-by-side comparison between these washer's features.

    washer buyers guide type
washer buyers guide type 2
    • Water and Energy Efficiency

      Front loaders use less water and detergent than conventional top loaders, which needs to fill up completely for spin and rinse cycles. Inverter washers help you save more on water and energy consumption.

    • Wash Programs

      Your machine’s wash programs serve as the ‘menu’ for cleaning your clothes and fabric care.

      • Speed washing is ideal when you’re in a hurry and needs a quick fix to refresh your clothes as little as 15 minutes.
      • Easy care program is designed for non-cotton garments, such as polyester clothes that need a slightly more delicate wash.
      • Temperature programs let you choose from hot or cold water for washing. Hot to remove more stains and cold to help you save on energy consumption.
    • Special Features

      Handwash function. Some washers have a dedicated space that lets you pre-treat your clothes; soak and scrub it in a built-in sink to take care of challenging stains.
      Smart control. High-end models have Wi-Fi connections to connect to your smartphone or tablet so you can conveniently control your washing from your smart device.
      Quiet operation. Inverter models are built with highly efficient motors that deliver silent operation suitable for an open plan living. Inverters also help save you more on water and energy consumption.