Appliance Buyer's Guide

Aircon Buyers Guide

Aircon Buyers Guide

5 factors aircon

1. Cooling Capacity

The capacity you need will depend on the size of the area you want to cool. See guide below for the recommended cooling capacity for your space. 

2. Aircon Type

3. Energy Efficiency

  • Simply put, the higher the EER, the more energy- efficient it is, and the less it will cost you to run the unit. 

    For additional energy savings, go for inverter airconditioners.  Inverter airconditioners have varying compressor speeds, which allow it to cool the room faster. It also delivers efficient performance with minimal fluctuations-- although they are more expensive than non-inverter models.

4. Installation

  • For installation, most window air conditioners come with easy-to-use installation kits.

    Portable air conditioners need minimal setup and can be moved from room to room. 

    For aircon installation, contact our Smile Serve Team at 692- 9317, or at 0998-997-3147.

5. Special Features

  • Air conditioners are loaded with extra features to make life easier for the user. From digital temperature control, programmable thermostat settings, anti-mosquito technology, timers, and remote control all help to better customize the way you cool.

TV Buyer’s Guide

tv buyers guide

1. Screen Size

Televisions come in a range of sizes, each having different recommended viewing distances. See guide below

tv buyers guide screen

2. Resolution

HD TV (High Definition TV) has a screen resolution of 720p to 1080p.
UHD TV (Ultra High Definition TV) or 4K TVs deliver four times the resolution of Full HD. With the stunning detail of over 8 million pixels, experience sharper images and vivid, lifelike colors. UHD TVs can be enjoyed even from a closer viewing distance without sacrificing detail.

3. Smart Technology

A Smart TV lets you connect to the Internet and access apps and services on your screen. You get access to apps and streaming media services like Netflix and YouTube.

Tip: Controlling your Smart TV is best paired with a motion-ready remote to let you easily navigate through web pages, while HDMI connection gives you the ultimate multimedia experience with your Smart TV.

4. TV Trends

  • Curved TV. A Curved TV has a concave shape designed to minimize external light reflections to give you better viewing without any distractions. It also has high-end features like 4K UHD and depth enhancers for superior viewing experience.
  • Gaming TV. For gamers, gear up with a QLED or OLED TV with powerful processors and faster motion rate to get stunning graphics for the best gaming experience ever.
  • Accessories

    Get the following ‘sidekick’ for your TV for an immersive viewing experience.

    Sound bar: Teaming up your TV with a sound bar is the best way to get better sound quality.
    It comes with an easy to set-up ‘bar’ speaker and a sub-woofer connected wirelessly or through HDMI.

    TV mount: Maximize on your TV’s light weight frame by mounting it directly to a wall. Wall-mounting your TV saves you space and improves room aesthetics. Choose from fixed mount, tilting (angles your TV vertically) and full-motion (gives your TV the greatest range of movement).

5. Need help with installation? Our professional installers can do the job for you. Check our rates here.

Smartphone Buyer's Guide

mobile buyers guide

mobile buyers guide factors

  • Camera

    The camera has become one of the most important smartphone features of today. Keep in mind that highermegapixels don't always mean high quality photos. Beyond megapixels, pay close attention to the aperture to up your photography skills. Special features like dual lenses give you wider-angle and more versatile shots.

  • Battery

    Depending on your usage, your smartphone should ideally last almost a day on a single charge. Battery check: get a unit with a 3000 mAh battery capacity, a 9-hour life span and fast charging. These are the makings of a battery titan.

  • RAM & Storage

    Flagship smartphone entries usually come with 16-32 GB storage. To house more apps, 4K video and serious gaming, arm yourself with a massive, 64GB-handset. An extra micro-SD card slot usually does the trick and helps solve your storage woes. 
    RAM is used to store data, and is critical to make all your multi-tasking smooth and near flawless. A 2GB RAM sets the stage for a good performance.

  • Screen Size

    Size matters. Go for phones with less than 5" screen size if you want a phone that's easy to grip and slides easily into your pocket. Streaming videos or playing games? Go supersize and opt for large screens like 5 - 5.5". Phablets or smartphones above 5.5" are awesome for watching videos and multi-tasking in between apps.

  • Features

    Features Fingerprint scanners protect you with better security from unwanted access and even verify mobile payments. 
    IP68 rating gives you impressive resistance against the elements (water, dust, shock) so you can go all out when using your phone.
    Wireless charging allows you to boot up your device extra fast minus all those pesky wires. Plus it looks clean and shiny too.

  • Operating System

    iOS runs exclusively on all iPhones and is incredibly easy to use. It offers millions of apps and gives the timeliest software updates rolled out almost simultaneously across the region. Seamless and smooth, Apple fans are raising their hands.

    Android lets you select from a range of brands running on its system. It gets the nod for open customizations with thousands of launchers and widgets, with a growing library of more than a million apps available via Google Play.

Laptop Buyer’s Guide

laptop buyers guide


laptop guide

1. Screen Size

Deciding on the screen size will depend on how portable you want your laptop to be.

  • 11-12" Laptops are the lightest and the thinnest the market has to offer, and usually weighs 2.5-3.5 pounds.
  • 13-14" Laptops offer the best of both worlds for portability and usability, and usually weigh less than 4 pounds.
  • 15" Laptops weigh around 4.5 to 6.5 pounds and are best to be used at home or at the work place.
  • 17" up Laptops This laptop stays close to a sturdy table – literally, because it weighs 7 to 8 pounds or more. It’s a powerhouse machine loaded with hardware and features for superb performance.

2. Laptop Use

For daily computing tasks like sending emails, social media, web surfing and the casual movie watching, entry-level laptops with basic features will do just fine. 

For people working on-the-go, 2-in-1 laptops are a great fit since it's a tablet and a laptop rolled in one cool device. Get portability and functionality with the detachable keyboard or a unit that completely folds behind the touchscreen. 

For gamers, laptops with a powerful Quad-Core i7 processor and superior GPU for fast and seamless gameplay will get you your money’s worth. Add stunning screen resolution and tremendous battery life so nothing can stop you from levelling up. 

For powerhouse performance, a heavy-duty laptop is your bestfriend. A full HD or 1080p resolution will lend a big helping hand for tedious video editing. Huge RAM capacity will keep up with multi-tasking activities. A solid and reliable cooling system is also a must to keep your machine from overheating with extended use.

3. RAM

RAM, is vital to your laptop’s CPU because the memory allows it to run multiple programs simultaneously without too much interruption. Start with a decent 4GB for budget laptops, 8GB if you can spend extra and 16GB for supreme performance.

4. Storage

If you need plenty of room to store digital files like photos, movies and other programs, max out on your laptop’s hard drive. A Solid State Drive (SSD) is preferable over Standard Hard Drive (HDD) because it has faster access speed to run your programs and consumes less power for longer battery life. If you need to bulk up more storage, an External Hard Drive will do the trick. 

5. Processor

Simply put, the more powerful your laptop processor, the faster the programs run. Intel and AMD are the main players slugging it out for processor supremacy, the former offering Core i3, i5 and i7 while the latter has the A4 and FX series to boot.

Refrigerator Buyer's Guide

ref buyers guide

Ref 5 factors buyers guide

  • Refrigerators Types

    Single-Door Refrigerators are the most affordable type, and its compact body makes it great for space saving.

    Two-Door Refrigerators either have freezers located at the top for convenient access to frozen storage, or have freezers at the bottom for easy access to fresh foods. 

    Side-by-Side Refrigerators make good use of space by splitting the ref between fresh food and frozen food compartments. Most side-by-side models allocate a bit more space for the fridge.  Adjustable shelves also provide more storage flexibility. Side-by-side units also require less clearance to open the doors, making it ideal for compact kitchens. 

    French Door Refrigerators combine the designs of a side-by-side unit on top with a drawer-style freezer at the bottom. It also gives you an eye-level access with most foods, crisp drawers and shelves.

    Wine Coolers are designed specifically to keep wines at their optimum temperature that you can enjoy best.

    Freezers are ideally suitable to preserve meat, store ice cream and protect foods from bacteria, and mold.

    Chillers are best for chilling bottled drinks.

  • Size & Capacity

    A simple trick to choosing the right size is allotting at least 2 cu.ft of ref space per adult in your household.

    ref size capacity guide

    Tip: Be sure to check if the unit will fit your space by providing extra 50mm allowance around the unit.

  • Inverter Technology

    Investing in an inverter refrigerator gives you more energy savings, and typically lasts longer compared to regular refrigerators. It also generates less noise compared to conventional refrigerators

  • Fridge Features

    Apart from cooling, determine other convenience features you may need from your refrigerator. Do you need more storage space like glide-out baskets and fully extending drawers? Should the freezer be on the standard top or at the bottom for easy access?

    Shop by Features:
    - Multi Door                    - Door-in-Door           - Water Dispenser             - Long Lasting Freshness - Optimized Storage             - Smart Ref              - Inverter Refrigerator       - Home Bar

  • Fridge Finishes

    You can also complement your kitchen's style by matching appliances with your kitchen interior.
    Shop by color: - Stainless Steel          - White            - Silver              - Glass Door Finish - Black                    - Red              - Pebble Blue

Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

washer buyers guide


washers buyers guide factors

  • Capacity

    Your washer’s capacity depends on how many you are in the household. Washers with 6-7kg drum capacities are perfect for 1-2 people. Washers with 8-9kg capacity are good for a family of 3, while washers with 10-13kg capacities are ideal for larger households.

    washer buyers guide capacity
  • Design

    Front-load washers open from the front, while top-load washers let you dunk your laundry from the top. Here's a quick side-by-side comparison between these washer's features.

    washer buyers guide type
washer buyers guide type 2
  • Water and Energy Efficiency

    Front loaders use less water and detergent than conventional top loaders, which needs to fill up completely for spin and rinse cycles. Inverter washers help you save more on water and energy consumption.

  • Wash Programs

    Your machine’s wash programs serve as the ‘menu’ for cleaning your clothes and fabric care.

    • Speed washing is ideal when you’re in a hurry and needs a quick fix to refresh your clothes as little as 15 minutes.
    • Easy care program is designed for non-cotton garments, such as polyester clothes that need a slightly more delicate wash.
    • Temperature programs let you choose from hot or cold water for washing. Hot to remove more stains and cold to help you save on energy consumption.
  • Special Features

    Handwash function. Some washers have a dedicated space that lets you pre-treat your clothes; soak and scrub it in a built-in sink to take care of challenging stains.
    Smart control. High-end models have Wi-Fi connections to connect to your smartphone or tablet so you can conveniently control your washing from your smart device.
    Quiet operation. Inverter models are built with highly efficient motors that deliver silent operation suitable for an open plan living. Inverters also help save you more on water and energy consumption.