Bach II

3-seat sofa bed in anthracite fabric

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The Bach II sofa is a creation of the Habitat Design Studio. Bach II distinguishes itself by its imposing presence and elegant lines. With particular focus on its aesthetic value, Bach II is best appreciated not only for its function but also for its distinct appeal and finer details.

Technical description

100% polyester coating. Padding of the foam seat with a density of 35 kg / m³, upholstery of the polyurethane foam backing with a density of 25 kg / m³, upholstery of the armrests in polyurethane foam with a density of 25 kg / m³. Sofa structure in solid beech, plywood and chipboard. Seat suspension in elastic straps. Steel mechanism. Thickness of the mattress: 12 cm. Feet in polyurethane varnished steel.

Product Highlights
L 186 x D 104 x H 88 cm; bed dimensions: L 140 x D 195 x H 65 cm. Overall dimensions of sofa with bed unfolded: L 186 cm x D 212 cm
Sofa Type
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