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Aircon installation is now ready! 
We are able to install airconditioners within Metro Manila. Kindly allow 2-5 working days for delivery and installation. 

Delivery and Installation will be scheduled separately.

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  1. Carrier 53FLG004-ASC04H

    3TR Ceiling Mounted, Non-Inverter
    ₱73,798 ₱6,149.83/mo
  2. Kolin KLG SF70-4D3M

    5TR Floor Mounted, Non-Inverter
    ₱97,308 ₱8,109.00/mo
  3. Kolin KAC-36RG

    3ft, Air Curtain

    ₱11,028 ₱919.00/mo
  4. Kolin KAC-48RG

    4ft, Air Curtain

    ₱11,818 ₱984.83/mo