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Our Promise

We deliver on a promise to give you 100% original, so you can shop with confidence in every click.
Our strong partnership with trusted brands assures you of the best quality, price and service. 
Whichever gadget or apliance you choose, be extra assured with our Honest Pricing Guarantee. 

About Us

Hi! Welcome to abenson.com. You’ve come to the right place for amazingly awesome gadgets.
We are the Philippines’ largest appliance network with over 100 stores nationwide.From our 
humble beginning as a startup business established 47 years ago, we continue to innovate 
and improve on our services to serve you better. Our vision is to bring the good life to every
Filipino home by providing the latest gadgets, connecting families and upgrading lifestyles.
Thank you for making Abenson number one! Have an awesome time clicking at abenson.com.